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Venkata Tayi

Venkata Tayi earned his Ph.D. degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada followed by post-doctoral work in Dr. Michael Butler’s lab at University of Manitoba, Canada with research work focused on CHO cell metabolism and glycosylation. He started his industrial career with KBI Biopharma, Inc. where he contributed for fed-batch process improvements and product quality modulation for biologics production. Later, he joined GlaxoSmithKline where he led activities to develop high titer bioprocesses through productivity improvements and process intensification. He is currently Principal Scientist/Group Leader in the Biologics Process Development department at Merck & Co., Inc. (MSD outside of United States and Canada) leading a team of scientists for developing end-to-end processes for biologics. As an integral part of his process development work, his research area of focus is bioprocess intensification and development of media/feeds platform that enables intensification of biologics manufacturing processes. 

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