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Simon Joubert

Dr Joubert earned his BSc in Biochemistry and his PhD in Pharmacology with honours from University of Montreal in 2006, working with Dr André De Léan. He then did a postdoctoral fellowship in molecular virology at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute, followed by an industrial postdoctoral fellowship in discovery of biotherapeutics for rare and severe bone disorders at Enobia Pharma. He then worked at Enobia Pharma and Alexion Pharmaceuticals biotechs until 2014 on biologics R&D programs as a scientist and team leader. In 2015, he joined the National Research Council of Canada as Team Leader of the Cell Line Development unit of the Human Health Therapeutics Research Center. His team specializes in the optimization of CHO cell line protein production processes and improvement of methodologies to generate and identify optimal CHO cell lines for the manufacturing of biologics and provides CHO cell line development services both for internal projects and external clients.

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