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Rumana Rashid

Rumana currently serves as Associate Director, Protein Chemistry at Xencor, where, since 2011, she has established protein purification and characterization platforms for the company's engineered protein therapeutic product candidates, including bispecific antibodies, cytokine fusions, and other modalities. Rumana earned her Ph.D. from the Institute of Molecular Biophysics at Florida State University, where she conducted research on the structure and function of RNA-protein complexes. After completing her doctoral studies, she pursued postdoctoral training at both Caltech and City of Hope, where she honed her skills in protein characterization. Rumana enjoys spending time with family and friends, giving back to her community, and exploring new places. Her passion for exploring the world has inspired much of her scientific work, as she believes that the key to making breakthrough discoveries lies in being open to new ideas and perspectives.

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